A New Year, A New Blog

It looks like you’ve stumbled upon Life’s A Soiree, fabulous.
As some of you may remember I used to write a blog a while back but decided to ditch it for a number of reasons but after some careful thinking I’ve decided to put my blogging heels back on and give it another try. Life’s A Soiree will be a bit different then my old blog. If you’re up for reading about cooking, hosting too many parties, life with a baby, working full time, decorating and who know what else, then you’ve come to the right spot.

I guess I should tell you a bit about me. My name is Nicole. I have a sassy 8 month old daughter, Sophia and a super Italian, super charming husband, Michael. We’ve been married for just over two years, live in a great home that isn’t our dream house but it’s perfect for us. I work as a project coordinator / project manager for a construction company and love it.

Thanks so much for coming by. Hopefully you’ll be back soon to read about my obsession with manicures, my dream kitchen and homemade granola bars.

Thank you