Tasty & Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats

I’m back! Sorry it’s been so long since my last post. Life has been crazy to say the least. You’ve all been there when everything goes nuts at once and something has to give. Aside from life going crazy we also just got back from a family trip to Jamaica. I know, busy life and beach vacation, poor me! Anyways I’m back and ready to spend the rest of the week offering up neat Valentine’s Day thoughts and ideas.

Being that I have a 9 month old this Valentine’s Day will be much different then others. I’m spending this afternoon doing a Valentine’s Day craft with my daughter for family members and writing up cards for her pals at daycare. Oh how life has changed!

Since my daughter is only 9 months giving her sugary candy is a no no so I found these adorable healthy treat ideas for Friday.


How adorable are these snack ideas. I realize my 9 month old has no idea it’s Valentine’s Day but still very cute and tasty.

Are you doing anything special with your little one this week?


How To Dress The Baby Bump

I’ll start this off by saying that while my daughter is the single most amazing thing in my life and I adore her beyond words, I had a strong dislike for being pregnant. The outcome, fabulous; being pregnant, not so much!

After watching most of the Golden Globes on Sunday night it got my thinking about how horrible maternity clothes are (I bought none) for us average, none-celebrity types. We aren’t lucky enough to wake up, have personal trainers keeping us fit while gaining baby weight, people to do our hair, makeup and style us. I can assure you I never looked like this once during the 40 weeks I was pregnant last year!


That all said, there are some fabulous ways to dress while growing a tiny human that still make you feel beautiful and trendy at the same time. I bought a lot of flowy shirts from Anthropologie while I was pregnant that fit great and were very trendy. Here are some Anthro goods that I think any pregnant lady could rock!

anthro 1

Pair either of these looks with cute leggings or maternity jeans, some fun accessories and cute heels and you’re set.

anthro 2

anthro 4

I love this tunic. Perfect for fall, winter and spring. Pair with leggings and you have a fashionable yet comfortable look.

What was or is your go to pregnant style? Did you buy traditional maternity clothes or wing it like I did?

Babies & The Beach

At the end of the month, the Mister, little Miss and I are going down south for a week and I cannot wait. If the stress of putting on a bathing suit post-baby wasn’t enough, I also have to buy the little Miss a whole summer wardrobe because all her summer clothes are 0-3 months and her 19lbs thighs aren’t fitting those tiny things! Luckily I found some fabulous and adorable pieces during my Boxing Day shopping – who doesn’t love a sale on baby clothes.

I may have bought her one too many bathers because how could I not, right?! Baby girl bathers are out of this world cute, I had to buy too many. In case you’re not aware of how adorable they are, check these out.

bather 1  bather 2


bather 3bather 4


Add a big hat, a lot of sunscreen, an umbrella and a floating chair for the water and you’re set!