Kitchens & Vino

Since being pregnant and having an 8 month old, my wine drinking has really slowed down, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think about it a lot all the time. I was a great white wine drinker and really loved it. Hopefully I’ll be back on the wagon soon 😉

One thing I love and definitely want built into my next kitchen is a gorgeous wine rack. We currently store our wine above our stove and in one of those wine racks that sits on the floor. Definitely not gorgeous but it works. A wine fridge built into an island would be great but something like this is more what I’m thinking.

wine 1

Nice and simple, in the island wine rack.

wine 2

This is practical with kids so they can’t grab a bottle and smash it thinking it’s a toy or something.

wine 3

This is pretty perfect. A wine fridge and rack all in one.

And how about this for different…

wine 4

How neat is this? What a fabulous use of space. Every staircase should double as something in my opinion.

So tell me, where do you store your wine? And do you love wine as much as I do?


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